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Currents: October 2015


Currents is published monthly by Windhorse Integrative Mental Health of Northampton, 211 North St., Suite 1, Northampton, MA  01060. Executive Director is Victoria Yoshen. For questions, concerns and suggestions about Currents, contact us at

Current News

Board of Directors Discusses Recruiting New Members, Integration of Windhorse Sites and Strategic Planning

Recruiting new Board members, strategic planning and integration and management of the three Windhorse sites were on the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting on October 1. Board President Michael Stein chaired the meeting from Northampton while Board members and staff from San Luis Obispo and Portland joined via Skype.

New Board Members

Plans are to have two Board members from each site and another member who could be from any one of the sites. Currently, Northampton has two Board members – Michael Stein and Spirit Joseph. David S., peer coordinator in Northampton, is an emeritus, non-voting member.

San Luis Obispo and Portland each have one Board member, Larry Campbell (SLO) and Stephen Boyd (Portland). However, Stephen will be leaving the Board to take on a psychotherapist position at the Portland site, so two new Board members will need to be added in Portland. The Board asked the two chief executive officers, Victoria Y. and Lisa T., to submit potential Board members by November I.

Integration of Three Windhorse Sites

The Board also discussed how the three Windhorse sites will work together and how they will work with the Board. Plans are for each site to have an executive committee that runs the site and reports back to the Board. The committee would include the local Board members, site directors and others that the site considers relevant. These committees will be formed once the Board has seven members.

Windhorse finances are centralized in Northampton with Annie C., fiscal manager, having 50 percent of her time funded by the West Coast. Victoria has fiscal oversight for the organization.

Marketing for Windhorse will be carried out on a site-specific basis. Lisa plans to hire a marketing manager for the West Coast in 2016. There will be further discussion on marketing strategies and projects that may call for collaboration of all three sites.

Strategic Planning

This year, the Board is asking for a strategic plan with overarching goals tied to the Windhorse vision rather than an operating plan tied to the budget. Each site will have a separate plan but the overall plan will include how the sites will move forward together and relate to one another. Board Member Spirit Joseph suggested the sites identify key directions and the high level assumptions the directions are based on. Strategic planning is on the agenda for the next Board meeting on November 17. The Board also will receive the 2016 budgets at that meeting.

Accountants Annual Audit

The Board also received the 2014 fiscal audit and reports from Richard Abbott, certified public accountant. He noted that the audit went smoothly and there were “no internal control deficiencies.” He said assets increased overall while liabilities stayed about the same.

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Department of Environmental Protection Gives Thumbs Up to Air Quality

Air sampling conducted by the State Department of Environmental Protection in July indicates that the treatment system installed this summer is working.

In June of 2015, DEP installed an air treatment container and charcoal scrubbers in the Windhorse parking lot to address air quality issues in the building. The Windhorse building used to be a dry cleaners and a dry cleaning solvent was found to have migrated from beneath the floor into the indoor air.

The air treatment system will continue to operate and DEP will continue to take air quality samples.

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Amelia SmithAmelia S. has joined Windhorse as a social work intern. She is a graduate student in social work at Smith College. Originally from Marquette, Michigan, Amelia graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in art, social justice and global studies. While in college, she worked with the Icarus project, a support network and media project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness. After she graduated, she worked in Minneapolis as a worker-owner of a co-op bicycle shop. She also became involved with Reclaim!, an organization that seeks to increase access to mental health for queer and transgender youth. Amelia is also a yoga teacher and practices Thai bodywork. Her goal is to integrate body based modalities with psychotherapy. She also plays cello and bass guitar, and has a cat named Mega.

Cherryl Jensen 2011Cherryl Jensen is leaving Windhorse. She has been the editor of Currents since its inception in September 2014. She originally joined Windhorse as a housemate.

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