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Currents: October 2016


Currents is published monthly by Windhorse Integrative Mental Health of Northampton, 211 North St., Suite 1, Northampton, MA 01060. Executive Director is Victoria Yoshen. For questions, concerns and suggestions about Currents, contact us at

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Finance Committee Meeting:
Tuesday, October 25th, 5-6pm 

Community Event:
Get Your Gourd On! Pumpkin Carving Event
Wednesday, October 26th, 2-4:30pm in the Windhorse office courtyard

Community Lunch:
Tuesday, November 8th, 12:30-1:30pm in the Windhorse office kitchen

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Board Meeting Report from September 27, 2016

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 the Board met for 80 minutes.  Dana D. from SLO gave the Mission moment talking about the times that in the face of the regular medical model she was present and staying connected to her clients; illuminating how our approach is different and important.  The financial agenda included figuring out how much cash we need on hand for contingencies so we know how much cash is open for investment.  The Board requested of the directors the three main goals for the whole organization to accompany the 2017 budget at the next meeting.  The next two meetings are Tuesday, October 25th for the Finance Comm to review the budgets (one from each site) and Tuesday, November 15th for a Board meeting to ratify the budgets.

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Conclusion of the Operational Planning Process

In last month’s Currents we told you about the operational planning in which Windhorse was engaged. We mentioned that Phoebe, our Clinical Director, was going to be leading visioning dialogues with the various realms and roles groups of the community. On October 5th Phoebe presented her synthesis of everything she heard during these dialogues with community members.

Among the many thoughts expressed during the group meetings, Phoebe noticed several areas of concentration that we as a community would like to explore in the coming year. These included: a community-wide clarification of our relationship to substance use and harm reduction, a heightened awareness and exploration of the workability of being in dual roles as client and staff, a deepened awareness of asylum mind, more support for housemates between teams, the creation of supervision training, an effort at magnetizing and clarifying the website, reimagining wellness, and a thoughtful, clear use of physical space within the office.

In addition, several ideas carried over from last year’s visioning dialogues. These included:  a clearer articulation of who we are and what we do; the idea of the healer as scholar; the creation of a Basic Attendance training that could be taken into the world; and the integration of additional methods of working, such as motivational interviewing, dialogical processes, body-based trauma work, psychosynthesis, and leadership training.

Like last year, the contents of Phoebe’s presentation will help influence the budget for the next year by giving words to our vision for the future of Windhorse and our individual contributions to that future. The budget committee, aided by this information, will be better able to decide where money should be spent. A preliminary budget was discussed during a meeting of all four Windhorse steering committees. This meeting, which was open to the community to witness, took place on Thursday, October 13th in the Windhorse Community Room.

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New to the Windhorse Library

A Heart as Wimgres1ide as the World: Stories on the Path of Lovingkindness by Sharon Salzberg

“The fruit of more than twenty-five years of Buddhist practice, Sharon’s gentle stories of her own awakening tug at our hearts. It is rare to find a voice of such majesty and simplicity, and rarer still to find one that is so useful.” – Mark Epstein, MD, author of Thoughts without a Thinker and Going to Pieces without Falling Apart

“The tone of these wonderfully conversational musings and reminiscences is so tender and so sensible that it soothes the heart and strengthens resolve and insight just in the reading. Visiting Sharon’s gentle teachings can’t help but breathe new life into one’s meditation practice, and more meditation in one’s life.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn. coauthor of Everyday Blessings and author of Wherever You Go, There You Are


The Family Guide to Mental Health Care by Llyod I. Sederer, MDimgres

“For families reeling from the fact that a loved one suffers from mental illness, knowing what to do and where to go to find the best treatment can be a daunting task. Lloyd Sederer’s timely book provides an informative and accessible guide to people facing this challenge. Dr. Sederer is uniquely qualified to advise people given his experience in vitrualy every sector of psychiatric medicine and mental health care. This book is indispensable to the many people who must confront mental illness.” – Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD, President-Elect, The American Psychiatric Association; Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

“This is a complete guide to navigating a complex and all-too-challenging world faced by anyone impacted by the challenges of mental illnesses. With outstanding clarity and sympathetic understanding Llyod Sederer brings help to the helpers and guidance to those who can aid them.” – Connie, Lieber, Past President, National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD), currently the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation


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  • Greg D. is a new Team Counselor.
  • Piyali S. is a new Wellness Nurse.
  • Mariah H. has left her position as a Wellness Nurse.
  • Chris M. has left his role as a housemate.

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